Travant Garde LLC

A commitment to innovation and family values

Travant Garde LLC is an application distribution and management company, with a goal of bringing the best family approved entertainment to the world.

Building exterior in Toronto, Canada

A passion for creativity

Our team consists of humble professionals from all over the world. Currently from the United States of America, the Philippines, Germany, Ukraine, Pakistan and growing! Travant Garde discovers and brings together talent from across the globe, to collaborate and learn, creating opportunities for the expression of their artistic abilities. From graphic arts and 3D modeling to animation and all levels of coding and programming.


We monitor issues with apps and platforms, perform and distribute updates.

Customer Support

We have an open door policy with our users, striving to maintain a bug free roster.


We are working on adding additional languages and availability to our apps.


We offer Multimedia Architectural Solutions or Consulting to select partners if the app in question in in line with our standards.

Project Management

We are opening our horizons to adding more new and exciting apps to our portfolio.

Family Games

Our apps are family friendly. No Adds, no in app purchases, no online multiplayers, and adhere to proper morals.

Our Current Lineup

Here are our currently mg apps that are available or soon to be released.

Traverse Words

  • coming soon.
  • coming soon.
  • coming soon.
Windows of a building in Nuremberg, Germany

In Progress

  • coming soon.
  • coming soon.
  • coming soon.

Contact Us

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